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Every network is designed, deployed and maintained differently, so we invest lots of time in understanding your fundamental requirements and build services collectively.

Our Approach


We are curious to learn how our customers are expanding, operating & maintaining their networks.


Detailed analysis help us to understand and highlight the opportunities.


Combining best practices and latest trends we propose solutions based upon our learning and analysis.


A consultative approach to constantly seek feedback and implement solutions.

Legacy Network

Enhance the life of your legacy network and build a sustainable spares management.

Networks are built over a period of time, it take lot of effort in planning, budgeting, sourcing and later deployment, testing and finally provisioning traffic. Getting rid of old technology and removing your network in exchange of new equipment and technology is sometimes not cost effective in the short run.

Sourcing hardware and support is the biggest challenge in maintaining legacy network. Often manufacturers are reluctant to support and provide hardware for legacy networks.

Whether you support your legacy network in house or outsource, Stylus Networks is here to help keep your end of life equipment up and running.

Spares Management

Asset Valuation

Repair & Test

Investment Recovery

Datacentre & Colocation

Increasing levels of regulation are making significant demands on how organisations store and manage their growing volumes of data.

In the face of economic, regulatory and technological change, companies need to find flexible and scalable ways to manage their IT infrastructure, without compromising on security and reliability.


For many organisations, outsourcing their need for Data Centre is the best solution. You retain full control of  IT infrastructure while taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology, security, connectivity and availability.

Global Footprint

Our well-established partnerships with well-known data centre operators enable us to offer highly flexible colocation solutions that can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Virtual - POP

Whether it’s rack space in our highly connected Global Carrier Centre, a partial rack or full suite anywhere on-net or a virtual PoP you need, we’ve got it covered.

Connect & Colocate

We provide direct connectivity to all major carriers available in our colocations. Once you colocate you have options to use multiple local & international carriers.

Surplus Asset Management - IT & Telecoms

There are several factors which leads to surplus IT & telecoms assets and any organisation such as: technological changes, latest products, higher capacity needs, mergers & acquisitions.


In some cases, if equipment is handled with care, there is a significant value in these assets. we help our customers by providing services around surplus asset management to ensure maximum return on investment.

Removal & De-Install

Inventory Listing

Transportations & Storage




Let us help you rewrite network strategies.

We work collectively to understand customer objectives and simplify the complex network challenges.

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We aim to identify the areas of cost saving in global connectivity procurement, legacy network hardware procurement, disposal of surplus assets, spare management and enhance your productivity and profitability.

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